CUMBC Ministries

Pastoral Care / Armor Bearer Ministry
The purpose of the Pastoral Care/Armor Bearers Ministry is to provide care and assistance to the Pastor, Guest Ministers and others in their normal function of pulpit ministry.
Contact: Kevin Rouse

Deacons Ministry
Deacons are servants who are set aside for the purpose of assisting the pastor in caring for the membership. Their duties include, but are not limited to visiting the sick and the bereaved, leading a fervent prayer life for the benefit of the church body, assisting with baptism, serving the Holy Communion, assisting members with needs or securing the appropriate resources to meet those needs.
 Freeman Nottingham

Deaconess Ministry
The Deaconess ministry consists of Deacons wives or widows. Members are co-laborers with the Deacons in assisting the Sick and Shut-in, assisting female candidates for Baptism, and assisting with the Holy Communion.
Contact: Josephine Davis

Ushers Ministry
This ministry seeks to provide for the comfort of members, visitors, and the clergy during all worship services. The ministry supports the order of service by assisting with seating, the offering and any other aspect to ensure physical and spiritual dignity in the worship experience.
Contact: Robert Ross

Greeters Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to impress upon everyone who attends Central Union Baptist Church that this church is a friendly church where its members genuinely love and care for one another. They will meet and greet people in the parking lot, at the front door of the church and the entrance to the sanctuary with a handshake, a greeting and a smile of welcome - making visitors and members feel welcomed.
Contact: Lisa Golphin

Music Arts and Drama Ministry
The purpose of the Music Arts and Drama Ministry is to enhance the worship service through songs, hymns of praise, dance and drama.
Contact: Faye Boyer

Media/Marketing Ministry
The purpose of the Media/Marketing Ministry is to promote and sustain the professional image of the Central Union Baptist Church by packaging and distributing audio/visual material from the church and enhancing its worship services with audio/video technology.
 Cortni Jordan

Children's Church Ministry
The Children Church is held during the regular church worship hours. Children learn to worship God on their level by following an order of service that is relevant to their spiritual and developmental level. Children ages 4-9 may attend.
 Rena Williams

Nursery Ministry
This ministry provides child care to infants and toddlers so that their parents may enjoy the worship services. Children from birth to 3 years old may attend.
Contact: Vanessa Crafter

Committee on Committees Ministry
This ministry recommends chairpersons for major church events and ensures that those events are carried out at the time specified on the church calendar.
Contact: Edna Murray

Trustees Ministry
The Trustees handle most business aspects of the church. The ministry is responsible for the upkeep of the structural condition of the building and all equipment and vehicles owned by the church.
 Gordon Davis

Finance Ministry
The Finance ministry is responsible for receiving and accurately accounting for all financial and tangible gifts, and ensuring that all financial obligations of the church are met in a timely manner.
 Joyce Snead

Transportation Ministry
The purpose of the Transportation Ministry is to provide transportation for members and visitors to and from church services and other activities as requested.
Michael Robinson

Prayer Warriors Ministry
The Prayer Warriors Ministry is dedicated to continuous prayer for the church, pastor and all ministries of the church. This ministry is also involved in the study of Gods Word for a deeper understanding of the power of prayer.
 Ethel Troutman

Discipleship/Christian Education
The Christian Education Ministry undergirds every ministry of the church. Its mission is to provide the educational resources, programs, and training required for ministry leaders specifically, and the church membership, generally, to advance the fundamental purposes of the church: discipleship, stewardship, evangelism, and fellowship.
Elaine Dawsey

Sunday School
The Sunday School provides age appropriate Christian learning for every member to equip them to meet the challenges of every day life. Sunday School is held each Sunday morning at 9:45 am.
Contact: Min. George Smith

Christian Leadership School (NBC-USA)
Christian Leadership School (The Certificate of Progress Program) is a training entity for Christian Education in the National Baptist Convention as fostered by the Central Union Baptist Church. The program provides for observation, interpretation and application. Observation helps you to know what to see, interpretation to know what it means and application to realize how it affects your life. The program has four phases for completion of the Christian Education diploma.
Elizabeth While

Vacation Bible School
The purpose of the Vacation Bible School is to educate children and adults in a relaxed and fun environment. Lessons are used that invite the unsaved to yield their lives to Jesus Christ, and for the saved to make a stronger commitment to Jesus Christ. The School is held each summer.
Contact: Aadrian & Monique Dawsey

Leadership Development Institute
The purpose of the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is to identify and equip potential leaders for the local church and community based organizations. LDI participants are taught how to develop the characteristics of a great leader; how to use Biblical principles to avoid congregational extinction; how to adopt new approaches and concepts to serve the present age; how to lead with confidence and how to operate in excellence in all ministries.
Contact: Elaine Dawsey

New Convert
The New Convert Class teaches the new convert the fundamentals of the Christian faith.
Contact: Lisa Rashidi

New Member
The New Membership class disciples the new member in his/her daily Christian walk; provides assistance to the new member in determining what his/her gifts may be; and teaches the Vision, Mission, Beliefs, history and organizational structure of CUMBC.
Contact:Lisa Rashidi

Bible Study
The goal of Weekly Bible Study is to provide opportunities for Christian teaching that results in disciples able to live a Victorious Christian Lives. Bible Study is held each Wednesday at noon and 7:00 pm.
Contact: Department of Christian Education

Loving Heart Learning Center and Academy
The purpose of Loving Heart Learning Center and Academy is to provide excellence in education from a Christian perspective. The center offers flexible and high quality childcare to the churched and un-churched families in Fort Valley, Georgia and surrounding areas.
Contact: Elizabeth White

Camp Rejoice
This program offers a quality summer enrichment program for kindergarten through eight grade for 8 weeks each summer. This is a Christian- based camp that offers age appropriate learning activities, arts & crafts, indoor & outdoor activities, performing arts, music, educational and fun field trips weekly. Our program is staffed by certified teachers and experienced assistants who provide the best of quality care for all children.
Contact: Danielle Dawsey

Historical/Archival Ministry
The purpose of the Historical/Archival Ministry is to maintain the Historical Records of the church.
Contact: Cordie Walker

Food Service Ministry
The purpose of the Food Service Ministry is to provide food, refreshments and other items needed for church sponsored activities.
Contact: Gordon Davis

Youth Ministry
The mission of the CUMBC Youth Ministry is to equip and empower youth to engage, express, and enjoy Gods purpose for their lives through the study of His word.
Contact: Harold Mungin

Woman to Woman Mentoring Ministry
The Women to Woman Mentoring Ministry is a sisterhood in which women of all ages gather for fellowship, comfort, healing, nurturing, discipleship training, witnessing, teaching, ministering, mentoring, and being heard.
Marjorie Golphin

Singles Ministry
The Singles Ministry is open to male and female individuals who have never been married, widows/widowers, and divorcees, for the purpose of providing single Christians the opportunity to fellowship together. Activities include social gatherings, and workshops that focus on spiritual development and strengthening their relationship with God.

Marriage Ministry
The Marriage Ministry provides spiritual tools and guidance to married persons through education, activities, and evangelism for strengthening of marriages, and the advancement of the kingdom of God.
Contact: Minister George Smith

College Ministry
The Young Adult Ministry extends the mission of CUMBC to the young adult members of the congregation to assist them in understanding the biblical role of young adults and how this relates to their daily lives. To build self-esteem and confidence in them by showing them how God has created them in His image, to pray and intercede together, to encourage and serve others within the young Adult community using the mission of the church as their guide.
Minister Kuumba Rashidi

Evangelism Ministry
The Evangelism Ministry is responsible for carrying out the mandate of Jesus Christ given in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).
Beverly Smith

Care Team Ministry
The Care Team is responsible for:
Extending a loving welcome to all first time attendees of the church;
Promoting a friendly and spiritual environment for all first time attendees;
Providing a personal follow up with each first time attender in order to build a Christian relationship; Ensuring that the needs of the first time attendees are met by the church.

The goal of the Care Ministry is not to present the programs of the church, but to serve the needs of the newcomer and lead them into a fuller walk with the Lord.
Lisa Golphin

Brotherhood/Laymen Ministry
The Men's Ministry ministers to the needs of the men of the Church and community by providing services, programs, and events that seek to address the issues that men are confronted with in their Christian life. Noted programs are: Prison Ministry, Men's Conference, and a Mentoring Program.
Contact: Kevin Rousse

Mission Ministry
The Mission provides Christian services that meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the membership and the community.
Contact: Annie Corbin

Prison Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to provide ministry and service to men and women who are incarcerated and their families.
Contact: Rev. Donald Williams

Visitation Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to visit those who once served our church and ensure that they feel loved and cared for as they enjoy quality of life.
Contact: Annie Corbin

The CU Connector
The CU Connector is a medium for communicating the month-to-month and day-to-day activities, happenings, and events of the membership of Central Union. The monthly publication includes information for spiritual, personal and professional growth; all geared toward helping the members live victorious Christian lives.
Contact: Joselyn Miller-Jackson

Project Outreach
The purpose is to collaborate with various ministries on projects and/or church events that will bring the church into the community to reach souls for Christ.
Teresa Goodman

Soup Kitchen
The purpose is to provide nutritious meals at no cost to those who desire and need them regardless of race, creed, gender, or financial need. Giving our members an opportunity to fellowship and evangelize amongst fellow Christians and those less fortunate in the community.
Gordon Davis